Brushed By Laury

West Texas ARTIST

                                            acrylic, Oil & watercolor Artist               

Stribling Art Extravaganza  2016

Copyright © 2015 by BrushedByLaury

Copyright © 2015 by BrushedByLaury

Stribling Art Extravaganza March 2014

Stribling Art Extravaganza  2018

Laury had a grandmother who was an art teacher. When she was in the 6th grade her grandmother observed her drawings and commented on the potential she saw there. With her encouragement, Laury started developing the talent the Lord blessed her with.

She completed her first painting in 2006. Today, 9 years later, she has completed approximately 40 paintings. Laury finds great pleasure and contentment in creating a new piece. She loves creating something that is pleasing to the eye. 

When Laury started painting, she told the Lord if he would give her inspiration, she would give Him glory with every completed painting. You will always see, "Halleluiah" on the back of every piece, which means: the highest form of praise. Each painting has a scripture that applies directly to the title. The title comes from what Laury sees as she is painting or what she sees in the finished piece. 

She is not famous nor does she expect to be, but she can say that she lived and used her talent while here on this earth. Laury leaves a legacy on canvas from her heart. 

Laury's Inspiration...

Stribling Art Extravaganza  2017

Stribling Art Extravaganza  2015